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School Groups

After more than 20 years of experience, we have a lot of knowledge that will make your school trip a success
Every   year hundreds of student groups from the whole world trust in our knowledge
Each student group is important for us – no matter if they are 10 or 150 students, no matter, where are they coming from. We are ready to offer to each student group good standard of services according to their budget
We feel responsibility for good service as well as for well running of the trip. We are here to help professors or tour leaders with their demands, we are here to help them care about the students.


Monuments connected with the history of the Czech Republic or the Central Europe

  • The second World War – Terezin Concentration Camp, Lidice, Visit of bunker ….
  • Monuments that belong to the world heritage of UNESCO
  • Medieval monuments - the Prague Old Town, The historical center of Cesky Krumlov, Kutná Hora… Castles, Fortresses,
  • Modern history and technical monuments – Petrin Tower, Dancing House, Žižkov Tower, unique cubism architecture in Prague…
Bronze three horse chariot on top of Prague National Theater (reopened in 1883, Czech Republic)

Culture and art topics

  • National Gallery
  • Gallery of the Capital city Prague
  • Illusion Art Museum
  • Museum of Senses
  • Ticket to the National State Opera, National Theatre
  • Tickets to classical concerts
Bus Attendant in Uniform and Happy Passengers.

Excursion with focus on industry and business development

  • Excursions to factories – Skoda factory, Toyota Motors manufacturing
  • Excursions to hotels of all categories
  • Excursion to business companies, travel agencies … Barrandov film Studio
  • Excursion to breweries Pilsner Urquel, Staropramen, Budejovicky Budvar…
  • Excursion to Power Plants, nuclear Power Plants

Excursions with focus on technical and biological sciences

  • National Museum
  • National Technical Museum
  • Techmania
  • IQ Landia
School classroom with chairs,desks and chalkboard without student.3d rendering

Excursions with the social topics

  • Excursion to schools
  • Hospitals
  • Home for the elderly people
Young person rafting on the river, extreme and fun sport at tourist attraction natural park

Or do you want just to stay in the Czech Republic and have a lots of fun

  • Tickets to disco
  • Biking tour with the guide
  • Ride the bobsled
  • Rafting
  • Aquapark
  • ZOO Prague, Liberec
  • Farm parks

Do you need help or further information? Please feel free to contact us

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